river rafting in colorado

River Rafting in Colorado – Group Trip Planning Guide

As Group Leader, you have an exciting and challenging job ahead of you. When arranging a rafting trip for a group, one of the toughest tasks is getting everyone to the right spot at the right time and making sure everyone understands the reservation & cancellation policies.


Group size of 10-14:

Everyone in the group receives a 5{dd7a526c49556e283083eb4d0d684c071e963eb89a4f22b634b828586d64bab6} discount.

Group size of 15 or more:

Free rafting trip for the Group Leader and 10{dd7a526c49556e283083eb4d0d684c071e963eb89a4f22b634b828586d64bab6} discount for everyone else in the group.


To ensure your group gets the trip of its choice, we strongly urge you to make reservations in advance. Weekend trips usually fill faster than weekday trips, but both can fill weeks in advance. To reserve your trip, a deposit of 50{dd7a526c49556e283083eb4d0d684c071e963eb89a4f22b634b828586d64bab6} of the trip’s cost is required when you make your reservation and the balance is due at least 14 days prior to departure. To reserve a wetsuit rental package the full price of the rental is required when you make the reservation.

Call us at 800.451.4844 to make your reservation and tell us:
    • Your name and group name. Your reservation will be listed under your name.
    • The river your group would like to raft.
    • The length of trip your group would like (i.e., half day, full day or overnight).
    • The date(s) your group would like to raft.
    • The exact number of people in your group. Make sure all participants meet the minimum age requirements for the trip you wish to take.
    • Your mailing address and phone number.
    • If you wish to make reservations for wetsuit packages tell us the number of wetsuits, spray jackets and pairs of booties of each size you want reserved.

Your preferred method of payment for your deposit. We accept checks (payable to Mad Adventures) Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
Remember you an always click any of the Book a Trip buttons throughout the site to reserve your trip.

Click here for rental package pricing


You have these important duties as Group Leader:
Provide Mad Adventures all necessary information about your group. We only accept changes in your group’s reservation from you.

Inform your group members of all the essential details:

  • Payment deadlines
  • Cancellation deadlines
  • Cancellation and Refund Policy
  • Trip safety and liability information
  • Arrival time and location!
  • What to wear
  • Name in which the reservation is made
  • That all changes and payments must be made by you, the group leader
  • That the trip is booked with Mad Adventures and that the phone number is 800.451.4844
  • Read, understand, and agree to the Mad Adventures cancellation and refund policies